Commercial support

Do you plan to use QGIS in your company or organization, but worry about whether there is commercial support available? Here is an alphabetical list, divided in categories, of support contractors.


we take responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the provided information for Core contributors only.

Core contributors

In lexical order:

3liz 3liz (based in France) offers a full range of services around QGIS, to escort all software users, from beginners to the insiders. Depending on your needs, 3Liz gives training sessions to QGIS, provides the Web mapping portal LizMap — based on QGIS Desktop & QGIS Serveur — which allows easy publication of data on the Web, and also proposes support, development and consulting on QGIS.

camptocamp Camptocamp (based in France, Germany and Switzerland) Open Source specialist, Camptocamp is an innovative company in the software implementation of geographic information systems (GIS), business management (ERP) and server management. To implement your most ambitious projects, Camptocamp builds customized solutions based on the best Open Source technologies.

faunalia Faunalia (based in Italy and operating worldwide) provides development services (both core and plugins), training, and commercial support for QGIS, GRASS, GDAL/OGR, and PostgreSQL/PostGIS.

gbd-consult Geoinformatikbüro Dassau (based in Düsseldorf, Germany) provides commercial consulting, training, support and programing for QGIS, GRASS and other FOSS applications.

itopen It Open (based in Italy) provides commercial support and C++/Python development services for QGIS Desktop and Server, PostGIS, Django and other free and open source software packages for both the web and the server side.

kartoza Kartoza (Pty) Ltd. (with offices in Stellenbosch and Johannesburg, South Africa). We provide commercial support and training for QGIS Desktop and Server and carry out feature development for QGIS on a contract basis. We also develop plugins in Python and C++ for QGIS. Note: Kartoza was formerly known as Linfiniti Consulting.

lutra_consulting Lutra Consulting (based in the UK) provide training, support and bespoke software development services for QGIS.

naturalgis NaturalGIS (based in Portugal) provides training, development and commercial support for a number of Open Source GIS software. We specialize in QGIS (Desktop, Server and Web), PostGIS and custom WebGIS development.

norbit norBIT GmbH (based in Norden, Germany; etablished 1989) provides solutions mainly for local goverments, municipal services and water boards in connection with QGIS. Additionally we provide training, commercial support and custom programming for QGIS and have been actively contributing to the QGIS project since 2007.

north_road North Road (based in Australia) specialises in custom development solutions for QGIS features and fixes, and also offers training and commercial support in the open source geospatial stack. North Road has an established history in quality QGIS development, and has been responsible for thousands of features and fixes within the QGIS codebase since 2013.

opengisch (based near Bern and Chur, Switzerland, operating worldwide) provides support, training and development for your open source GIS stack. Our QGIS core developers are proficient in C++, Python, SQL, geospatial analysis, mobile development (including Android) and more.

oslandia Oslandia (based in France) provides services on open source GIS. Oslandia offers training, support, development and consulting, namely on QGIS and PostGIS.

sourcepole Sourcepole (based in Zurich, Switzerland and operating worldwide) provides FOSSGIS training, commercial support and maintenance contracts as well as cloud based geo hosting for QGIS. With three leading core committers Sourcepole is able to offer sophisticated developments for QGIS.

terglobo Terglobo (based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands) provides commercial services and training for QGIS.

zuidtlogo Zuidt (based in Haarlem, The Netherlands) wants Geographical Information to be open and simple. Zuidt wants to be THE dutch (international) QGIS specialist, and provides consulting, plugin coding and training services.


In lexical order:

cartoexpert CartoExpert (based in France) is a geomatics competence center offering both national and international services, consulting in cartography as well as geographical information systems. CartoExpert provide with technical support on QGIS, assistance in implementing QGIS within your organization, as well as GIS training on QGIS (Initiation, Improvement, workshops, mobile etc).

gaia3d Gaia3D, Inc. (based in South Korea) is a leading open source GIS company in Korea. Gaia3D offers professional development services, training, consulting and supports for QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers

nextgis NextGIS (based in Moscow, Russia) provides commercial support, custom programming and training for QGIS, PostGIS and GRASS.

septima Septima (based in Denmark). At Septima we provide training, support, consulting and development within a range of open source geospatial projects. We have extensive experience with QGIS plugin development, QGIS-server and integrating QGIS with other products.


astun Astun Technology was formed in 2005 to provide open source and web-based GIS services to local and central governments. Today, as all organisations realise the technical and financial benefits of using cloud solutions to create, manage and deliver their crucial GEO services, the demand for Astun’s knowledge and experience in delivering marketing leading, fully managed AWS-based GIS cloud solutions, continues to grow. For more information, please visit

agx AdventGX (based in College Station, TX) provides installation, training, and implementation support for QGIS.

bev Bird’s Eye View GIS (Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico) provides commercial GIS services and support and training in QGIS, GRASS GIS and other FOSS GIS applications.

clear_mapping_co Clear Mapping Co (based in Penryn, Cornwall, UK) is an award-winning international cartographic design consultancy. We create beautiful maps to improve efficiency in the workplace with an inclusive and sustainable design focus. Our bespoke GIS training courses in QGIS and other GIS software offer the opportunity to improve efficiency handling spatial data and creating clear maps.

esdm exeGesIS SDM Ltd are based in South Wales in the UK. We offer support and training courses at various levels, either public or private, along with bespoke workshops and mentoring. We can assist with the transition from alternative GIS solutions to QGIS, as well as the development of plug-ins to meet your business requirements.

geoicon GeoICON (based in Singapore and operating in South East Asia) has been working with Government organizations for over 10 years and offers a full range of services around QGIS including training and commercial support.

gis3w gis3w (based in italy) provide geographic and ecological analysis services and support and assistance with qgis.

claasleiner GKG Kassel, Germany (Dr.-Ing. Claas Leiner) provides training, services and support around the free geographic information systems QGIS, GRASS, SAGA and PostGIS as well as spatial data management, analysis and cartography.

imt The Institute For Mapping Technology (based in Austin, TX) provides support and training for QGIS and PostGIS.

karttakeskus Karttakeskus (based in Finland) provides commercial support and training for QGIS and open spatial data.

liviostump Livio Stump (based in Lucerne, Switzerland) provides commercial GIS consulting, support and training in QGIS.

mierune Mierune Inc. (based in Japan) provides commercial consulting, training, support and customization of QGIS and FOSS4G software. We also organize hands-on workshops with these tools. Please contact us if you have questions regarding system development, visualization or analysis involving positioning data.

ngnuity FOSS advocate from the Philippines providing commercial GIS services, training, and consulting for QGIS, spatial data visualization assistance to local governments, non-profits, research agencies and community groups since 2007. Offers various mobile data collection and mapping services using the Open Data Kit / KoBo Toolbox software stack.

northriver North River Geographic Systems, Inc is a small GIS Consulting firm located in the Southeastern United States. We provide Geospatial services such as data conversion, ESRI and FOSS4G software support, cartography, and data analysis.

soltig Soluciones en Tecnologías de Información Geográfica (SOLTIG) (based in Costa Rica) provides training, support, consulting and programming for QGIS and other FOSS applications.

sungis SunGIS (based in Valmiera, Latvia) provides commercial support, consulting, data processing and custom programming for QGIS, GRASS GIS and FOSS GIS based SDI solutions.

sygif Le Groupe SYGIF Inc. (based in Rimouski (Quebec), Canada) specializes in the development of information technologies (GIS) aimed at integrated land management. The company develops and supports complementary tools for QGIS and MapServer and also holds a recognition of the ESRI company as a developer and reseller of their products.

taxusit TAXUS IT (based in Warszawa, Poland) provides commercial GIS services also support and training in QGIS and GRASS.

terraplan Terraplan (Schallstadt/Freiburg, Germany) provides training and GIS consulting for QGIS. The focus is on consulting for municipalities ranging from the introduction of QGIS until the full replacement of other commercial GIS solutions.

terrestris Terrestris (Bonn, Germany) provides commercial services and training for QGIS.

thinkwhere thinkWhere (Stirling, Scotland) thinkWhere is one of the leading independent GIS consultancies in the UK. We provide a broad range of innovative GIS products and services including “Location Centre” (a hosted Cloud-based GIS built from open source technologies). As a QGIS site, our team of geospatial experts use QGIS on a daily basis and provide QGIS Support to customers. We also run regular QGIS and PostGIS Training courses.

whg WhereGroup (Bonn, Germany) provides commercial services and training for QGIS.